Processor Intel vs. AMD?

A lot of debate about these two company. But actually these two company is the best processor in the world and compete each other to develop the type of best processor. Currently, Intel processors for notebook, have better technology to save battery. But most users will not encounter difficulty with any processor brand. Because there was no difference in performance between both. Notebooks with AMD processors are usually much cheaper price.

Latest Intel Mobile Processor technology,

  • Pentium M (Dothan) - Used in noteboook produced around 2004. This technology is made specifically for use in notebook and power needs to operate with a smaller and more cool than the preceding.
  • Celeron M (Dothan and Yonah) - single-core processor (one core) is cheap, according to the most basic applications, such as office and graphics. But not able to support applications that are heavy.
  • Core Solo (Yonah) - Processor inexpensive structure made from the Core Duo, but it only has 1 CPU core active. Core Solo replaces the Pentium M in 2006.
  • Core Duo (Yonah) - dual-core technology (two core) first from Intel. Core Duo (32-bit) to create 2 on 1 CPU without increasing the processor power consumption.
  • Core 2 Duo (Merom) - 64-bit version of the Core Duo, perform a little better than a Core Duo and can run Windows Vista and 64-bit applications other.

Mobile Technology AMD's latest processors
  • Sempron - Processor 1 core low price in the old notebook. As a replacement of the Athlon. The latest version supports 64-bit applications.
  • Turion 64 - Processor 1 core, 64-bit with the power consumption is lower than the Sempron
  • Turion 64 x2 - Dual Core version, from 64-bit Turion

Nvidia vs. ATI?
This is a debate topic that is also popular. They both produce a good graphics card. Nvidia better in OpenGL technology and support Linux. Meanwhile, ATI has better ability in the game, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. There are no differences between them.

Most important you know how big the program needs to use your graphics card. If you use a 3D application or game that weight, you will need a VGA with a dedicated high performance. If not, VGA Intel GMA 900/950 is already integrated more than enough

Of all the components in the notebook, the amount of RAM installed will have the most marked effect. The large RAM, faster applications will run. Currently, the minimum is 512MB, and highly recommended you have a 1GB, especially if you're running Windows Vista. If you run multiple applications simultaneously (multitasking), you need to consider to upgrade to 2GB.
There is no different between 533MHz and 667MHz.
RAM is also one of the most prominent component in the upgrade, you can even do it yourself.

Hard Drive
How much storage capacity you need? Do you plan to store lots of files, music, video or photos? If so, you need the capacity Harddisk greater. But if you have limited funds, buy external hard drive will be cheaper and can be an option.

Optical Drive
Currently, almost all laptops are equipped with a DVD writer, which can also function as a CD writer, DVD reader and CD reader.

When all this laptop is also equipped with wireless technology. Most of the notebook is equipped with Intel PROSET 3945 802.11 a / b / g Wireless card.

If you plan to frequently use your laptop without the charger cable to the drive power, you need enough battery capacity. Currently, the average notebook battery is able to survive about 2-3 hours.

How do I choose the warranty?
Some notebook vendors have been offering extended the warranty period with a relatively affordable price. If you want to use the notebook for long-term, there is no one considering buying a warranty extension with prices ranging between 5-10% price notebook

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