Lenovo Laptops Anti Baked

Eight Lenovo ThinkPad laptop designed to be semi-resistant rock. After passing through a series of tests, including baked, laptop are deemed worthy to military devices.

The eight ThinkPad is X200, X301, X200s, X200 Tablet, T400, T500, R400 and SL300. The test covers toaster, beating, drying and reaction against the sandy wind gust.

As quoted from the written information received by Thursday (5/3/2009), the endurance series ThinkPad include:

  • Low Pressure - Test the use of the height of 15,000 feet
  • Humidity - Used in cycling in the environment with 95% humidity
  • Vibration (non-operational and operational) - drop and shock-resistant laptop
  • High Temperature - simulate the condition of high heat on the laptop with the baking temperature 140 ° C
  • Low temperatures - The use of the minus 4 ° C
  • Changes in temperature suddenly - changing the temperature of minus 4 ° to 140 ° C
  • Dust - breathe in the dust some time
Geophysics expert, explorer and expedition leader Pasquale Scaturro also claim to use the ThinkPad while browsing various sites extreme. Pasquale said ThinkPad in the use of troops to the northern polar region to the volcano.

Some features of resilience are expose by Lenovo:

  • Active Protection System - parking the hard drive while the laptop detects the movement when fall or sudden movement with a system like the air bag
  • Roll Cage - Works as a protective frame around the internal components where data is stored and processing occurs, with additional roll Cage on the cover on the ThinkPad X301
  • Shock mounted Had Drive - Offering extra protection around the hard drive to protect data
  • Spill Resistant Keyboard - holding up to two oz of liquid spill on the laptop with flow away to drain off liquids under the laptop

Lenovo also offers additional features that can be selected by its users. These include low-glare screen high-brightness 680-nit for the T400, media storage solid state drives and a variety of wireless connection options, including WiMAX on the X200.

Lenovo determine the price the device starts from U.S. $ 2599

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