Lenovo IdeaPad G430

Many people think luxury notebook design certainly more expensive, instead of hoping that expensive glossy notebook so they had to choose the appropriate price. This prestige answered by Lenovo by doing with their "face-lifted" on the IdeaPad G series. If G410 is present more naturally on the IdeaPad G430 happen fresh rejuvenation enough for the user. What is it?

The first thing that can be seen from the outside of the IdeaPad G430 laptop is solid plastic outside cover with glossy finishing. Some of the parts in any case have a similar texture, including the touchpad and button activation. The quite interesting system is touch panel multimedia (for programed speaker and shortcuts) with LED fluorescent convenient access. Unfortunately this is not a multimedia panel control instant to make notebook as a DVD player for example.

Ease of the user to restore the condition of the system to its original state (via OneKey Rescue System button near the Power button) are also the attractiveness of this notebook. This facility to be an ideal choice for general users who do not want to be bothered with manual installation notebook when they attack by virus or disordered system. The notebook security is also provided through the VeriFace features. In here, your face may as a password to activate the notebook-use rights. This is possible thanks to the structure of the face detection system that recorded the 1.3 megapixel webcam on the notebook.

To complete the physical appearance, IdeaPad G430 also planted new component although not high specification. This is seen in the use of the processor Intel Dual-Core T3200 2Ghz, and not a Core 2 Duo which is plural is used. The Chipset is new, Intel 45GM integrated Intel graphics, the GMA X4500. The performance of both supported capacity reaching 250GB hard drive. Unfortunately some facilities such as deliberately disappeared FireWire port and S-video output for the cut of the selling price to compete (U.S. $ 749).

From test results, Lenovo IdeaPad G430 shows the performance of the activity is for office and graphic standards. Table test results show the performance of the Intel T3200 notebook with a nearly balanced G2T Advan-75 which uses Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 2Ghz. The more special is the onboard Intel X4500 graphics that result in much higher performance than the Intel X3100. Consequently, IdeaPad G430 offers a combination of design and price to compete with the ideal notebook.


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