Lenovo IdeaPad S10

What are you looking for at a netbook? Physical enamor? A slight weight? With a large hard drive? Well, if so Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is suitable for you.

Designs that make people see immediately impressed. Enamor but solid. Look the rounded hinge with edges that chrome color. Beautiful, isn't it? Harddisk large capacity, 160GB.

There are several things that differentiate the netbook is available in several color options with other brands. The most prominent is a special button OneKey Rescue System in the middle of the top panel. If your Windows files corrupted due to virus infected, for example, live press this button and the file system will be restored to its original. Comfortable is not it?

Unlike with most netbook, S10 a PCI Express Card. However, a consequence, one USB port that must be sacrificed. The location is also another hole internal microphone. Lenovo put them in the right side of the palmrest, which we consider less appropriate because the risk of a closed left hand.

Nevertheless, work on the S10 is quite comfortable. This even though the key-button is not the property of MSI Wind U100 Notebook Axioo Pico or DJM616A, and should be quite strong. Touchpad is, despite shorter MSI's property, provided a multi-touch capabilities. So, we stay positioned index finger and middle finger together develop simultaneously ago to do the zoom-in. To zoom the view, to do the direction. Practical and fast. At the bottom of the touchpad are two chrome strip that serves as a key left and right mouse.

This netbook screen size 10 "with LED backlit which is able to save Battery power but to create colorful display on the screen appear to live. Engined Views this chip by Intel GMA 950 graphics 64MB. Great Chip this long to deal with regular Windows XP GUI, but the score 3DMark 2003 is not too high.

Unfortunately, the enjoyment S10 disturbed by the heat felt on the left side of the keyboard and palmrest. On our test unit, the air circulation hole in the left side, front, and bottom of the netbook less successful dispel heat. Temperatures recorded at the left side by thermometer - when we count in air-conditioned rooms - high enough, 35oC.

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