Relion Enduro RL311

VIA processors for notebook? You may rarely heard. Indeed, the population using a device that VIA processor is very limited in number. Usually, the processor is used for sub-notebook size of 7-9 inches, or netbook that this is the most popular. This is in accordance with the characteristics of the processor, which VIA 'cold' and sparing no electricity, so batteries need chassis or large.

Therefore, we surprised slightly when found Relion released 12.1-inch notebook processors that use the VIA C7-M 765 (1.6 GHz). Enduro RL311 given name, this notebook is not likely to chase performance. The main attraction is the price of just Rp. 4.95 million. Sometimes comparison, 12.1-inch notebook class is not cheap at this time priced above the price of USD600

If we see, there is not a special appearance from the side of the notebook. Plastic materials that brown coloring in the little Texturized, so that the fingerprint impressions are not easy up here. Unlike most notebook, we do not find many shortcut buttons at the bottom of the screen. Recorded only one button to turn on the Windows Media Player. One key is to strike a WiFi facilities positioned in front of the notebook. You also do not find a webcam at the top of the screen, which is rather surprising because virtually all of today's notebook is equipped with this facility.

This notebook is available in 84 key plank with the key board. When tried, we feel very fit and size of each key feels responsive when pressed. Consequently we do not feel difficulty reaching speeds of our standard type. Which is slightly disrupt the placement of the FN key in the left side down, usually because the position was occupied the Ctrl key. This is rather difficult for us who used to using the Ctrl key. But for many people, this placement might not be a problem.

The screen have a light level (brightness), which is good, but viewing angle rather limited in the vertical. Fortunately hinge notebook can set this up to 180o, so freely set declivity according to the perspective of the user.

From the performance, this notebook is not for the activities of computing weight class. If we see the results testing, which involves the conversion of video and audio-performance notebook is barely felt. If the tablet PC using HP's TX1209 processor 1.9 GHz AMD Turion, we can see the differences. However Relion compensate with the duration of batteries that last longer, which reached 2 hours when play HD movies have a certain size.


Most concise way of explaining Relion Enduro RL311 is similar to the characteristics of the processor VIA: cheap, saver, but normal performance. However, if the parameters need to underline the 'performance' here involves the application weight class as the video conversion. For standard applications such as typing or browsing the Internet, this notebook can do well. So if you need notebook cheap and easy-check, Relion Enduro RL311 feasible dilirik

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