BenQ Joybook A53 LE07

You are working as accountants or often input data in the notebook would never dream how beautiful life if we can type the number on the keyboard as usual. As we know, notebook keyboard only displays the row of the key figures in the top row of letter keys, so you are guaranteed to be stress when input many digits. Meanwhile, the regular keyboard, the right of any group of key figures who facilitate the input number.

BenQ Joybook A53 is one of the little notebook in which to respond intelligently to dream or your accountant who often enter the data in the form of numbers. In the notebook, there are key numeric keypad on the right side of the row of buttons standard notebook keyboard. BenQ also increase the size of each of the key about 20%, making its use and we feel comfortable not having difficulties reaching the speed type, such as when using the standard keyboard.

Apart from the side of the keyboard, the convenience offered by other A53 for the accountant is a wide screen. Widescreen display size of 15.4 "is really convenient to work with a spreadsheet full of numbers. You can even drag the two documents at once without the comfort of the eye.

Large screen on the A53 is also using the technology UltraVivid and DBEF special coating that makes the BenQ display better than the average notebook. This screen also has a response time that is very fast, which is 8 milliseconds, equivalent to HDTV. Unfortunately, BenQ did not provide the HDMI connector or the optical drive that supports high video (HD).

From the physical side, A53 appear quite elegant. Metal chassis make this notebook appears solid. Nuance is a little treat solid side design that tends to flat-flat course.

From the side of completeness, A53 does not offer many advantages. This three-equipped notebook - really, only three - the USB port, card reader 4-in-1, network connectors and phone (modem), optical drives super multi, and the key switch Wi-Fi. Really very simple. Indeed, we expect the very Fingerprint scanners, we recommend considering this notebook for the accountants - because Fingerprint scanners can protect important data on the notebook. Oh yes, this notebook also includes a webcam may be useful for you like a learner-video conference.

If you predict the results of the test, Joybook A53 appear normal, especially its 3D capability. This is not separated from the use of the SiS 671 chipset that its performance under the Intel chipsets used the majority of notebooks. Meanwhile, in the endurance test batteries, this notebook successfully survive 1.5 hours which is quite good for 15.4-inch notebook class.


Only accountants and the fans spreadsheets to be direct so we asked who should use this notebook. But of course you can select if you want simple but comfortable notebook to use and comfortable views. Expect to pay at least the sloping-to 15.4-inch notebook class-also make them very attractive for selected

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