Lenovo U330, Light Laptop with Magical Performance

Lenovo laptop latest re-launch. Lenovo Ideapad U330 created for you like to play with a laptop.

For the active, the laptop is quite easy to take traveling, because the size of the thin, lightweight, compact, and, weighing only 1.68 kg. In terms of appearance Ideapad Lenovo U330 truly luxurious, covered with magnesium-aluminum Alloy, which give the impression LUX. The special because plus 13.3 inch widescreen display 1280x800 WXGA. The LED display will be a living due to the more vibrant colors Indigo Blue support it.

To field, Lenovo put Processor Intel Core 2 Duo with a capacity of hard disk memory of 300 GB, this is equivalent to 2 GB of RAM. Although the accused was due to the performance of Windows Vista that is not the maximum. Yeah, Lenovo still using Vista Home Permium as personal work.

The new Lenovo laptop can be used for the maximum you are eager to play games with laptop, or a graphic design that entranced with the animation and image 3 Dimension. For Ideapad U330 subsidized by the Dual Graphic Card and insert the Intel Integrated ATI Mobility Radeon. This is a graphics card that will give the performance of each feature in the magical entertainment that is displayed. Not only displays the video with the look and movement of high quality, but also meet the needs of the game is quite incredible that game. Enough to make you pleased with this thin laptop.

Graphics card that can be used according to need, make a plus for this laptop. If you want to save battery life, you can choose to use integrated graphic. At the time play games, or play movies, graphics card ATI made in the image of this product can work with the maximum line graphical display that is fine. Additional higher quality sound from Dolby, of playing games and watching movies become more perfect.

Unfortunately, this laptop is not supported by several connections is compatible complete because the USB port is available only two. However, the performance of web cam with a 1.3 pixel resolution, and a voice recorder that has built-in, at least, can cover the lack of it.

Moreover, the laptop security devices that are supported by technology veriface, a security system with the password as you face it.

Overall, this laptop can be used as a substitute for a complete entertainment facilities that can hypnotized yourself, and even make you forget them even when working with it

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