Laptops USD100 Entry European Market

Organization of the laptop for a child or the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) plan to sell the laptop market in Europe. This valuable cheap laptop can be purchased at the online Amazon store Europe starting 17 November.

Laptops are sold with the scheme Gives One, one that can be done OLPC in the U.S.. With this scheme, buyers will get one laptop for themselves, while contributing to a school in developing countries.

Institutions will conduct sale in 27 European countries, with marked by OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte in a speech at a conference of the World Health IT in Copenhagen. When sale, XO laptops are sold 313 euros.

To provide a project, can be a first run in the U.S. in November and December 2007. OLPC claiming able to sell 190,000 units in the scheme.

Although the scheme is successful conduct, but the OLPC group is experiencing problems when sending product to the buyer. To overcome this, OLPC has formed a partnership with Amazon in September 2008.

The idea is to make OLPC laptop make small but vigorous and expected to be sold millions of units planned because the price of less than U.S. $ 100. The final version of the laptop is inflated to U.S. $ 188 and OLPC only able to market 600,000 units.

Many countries that are interested in using the XO, but few are signed for the purchase in the amount expected. The last region in Caldas of Colombia signed the order for 65,000 XO.

In addition, XO is also facing competition from Intel Classmate laptop. In September, Venezuela ordering one million units Classmate for school children

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