10 Technology Reformer

Behind the technology, there are people who find it most. Of course, leaders who have the vision to the technology known. These figures do not always sit into the executive, but that many technology companies enjoy the invention.

Ten figures below can be said as a reformer in the field of technology. These figures are really great leaders. They reformer technology from the most basic level up to Silicon development.

The first is Linus Torvalds.
This is the people into the Linux kernel creator of the greatest enemy of Microsoft. During the seven years, the development of Linux operating system has become popular in the world for both the server multi-national companies, to manufacture up to even simple tasks.

In the daily life of many people who interact with a Linux machine, but do not realize it. Male Finnish origin of this writing the cloning version of Unix system when a student aged 21 years. Sambilannya the job successfully connect servers in the University of Helsinki in 1991.

Steve Wozniak both leaders. No one can gainsay the Apple-made computers, which can run as easy now. Although Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has the idea that the birth of the Apple desktop computer, but the engineers who made it all realized is the Woz.

In the 70s there is no device called a home computer. Although the computer terminals can be installed in the house, but not a sufficient reason for the computer can be operated to support the day-to-day life. Wozniak change that by developing the engine that is easily understood and used to be produced.

Third is Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
If not owing to the paper Berners-Lee, you may not be able to read this article. Berners-Lee, while at CERN, the basic protocol to develop the World Wide Web, which was initially used for internal needs.

If only he would like the patented invention, Berners-Lee may have a wealth of exceptional. He even gave freely with reasons as to how it will arrest the development of technology that can potentially encourage revolution, relations between people.

Fourth Seymour Cray.
Perhaps no greater than Seymour Cray in the development of super-computing. Although the machine is often built into the backbone of military and war, but many are used for the good. Without it difficult to get drugs to date, including observations of climate change.

Next Marc Andreessen.
Together with Eric Bina developed a web browser, Mosaic. The discovery of Berners-Lee created the idea of open Internet browser, so easy to use anyone. Marc Andreeson is a mix of computer experts and business ambitions.

Mosaic later developed for the Netscape Navigator browser, which for many years a standard application access the internet. Casey is frightening from Microsoft and the Redmond company is doing the dirty war and then the software giant is to be fined millions of dollars.

Sixth Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.
He is the first to develop the compiler and computer programming as a reformer, so easy to English.

Seventh namely Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce.
They inventor most important computer parts, integrated circuit (IC). Kilby find it in 1958 when Texas Instruments other staff on vacation. He successfully combine germanium does not need to mensolder thousands of components.

Six months later Robert Noyce of Intel continues to work in jobs Kilby make Silicon blocks from the circuit. Both of these people get a nobel. Without these two people, the computer can still be the size of a bedroom.

Eighth, Alan Turing.
Can be said Alan Turing is rendered to save millions of lives during the second world war. He developed a code translator Poland bomber.

Then, Richard Stallman.
Meanwhile, Linus Torvalds provide a basis that is currently known as open source software movement, Stallman setting in motion the free software and then to the GNU project. He was driving out to all the people of the world, but still supports the software industry.

Finally Paul Allen.
Without Paul Allen may be Bill Gates will not become the richest person in the world. Allen, who persuade Gates to drop out of Harvard to build the company and Microsoft.

He is a key early success of Microsoft, but then not great as Gates. He also escort the success of DOS, which then makes the giant Microsoft until now.

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