Windows 7 More Sophisticated from Vista

Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, is identical with Windows Vista. However, Vista is not considered sophisticated enough to rival Windows 7.

So picture the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corp.. Steve Ballmer on Windows 7, when dialog with the two Gartner analysts, Neal MacDonald and David Smith.

Ballmer said, the Windows operating system 7 is a result of the development of Vista. "If this be described (Windows 7-red.) Is a Vista, but far better. This (Windows 7) also more than simply launch a normal," he said.

With the development of Windows 7 is, displayed Ballmer, Microsoft wants to become a pioneer for multi-touch technology, so users can run and manage applications with more real.

However, Vista also received special loans from the Microsoft boss. Ballmer claimed, the level of Vista adoption is higher and faster than the predecessor, Windows XP two years beginning in attendance.

For segmentation, continued, the more users adopt Vista, namely from the enterprise and desktop computer users. Meanwhile, according to the calculation of analyst Gartner, which quoted from PC Magazine, on Monday (20/10/2008), there are about 10 percent of the enterprise that have fled to Vista.

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