X-Ware Legacy X-4481, Like MSI

Its a little strange when we see the notebook displays X-Ware series Legacy X-4481 for the first time, reminds us in similar products from factories MSi. Yes, it seems that the X-Ware is made by the OEM manufacturer owned MSi so nearly similar designs. This is easily identified by the icon circle in the middle of the cover notebook, which also appear on the notebook series MSi PR.

Legacy X-4481 is one of 6 notebook models offer X-Ware intended as elegant products to the needs of working. Legacy series of physical appearance seem serious but tidy. Most of the materials held outside rather slippery. Legacy X-4481 has a 13.3 screen "with the technology that makes Glare Crystal display good eye views. Model 13 "as many users are often chosen because the weight around the 2kg for not to carry.

To support the computation activities, Legacy X-4481 utilize Penryn T8100 processor and DDR2 memory that is large enough (2GB). Facilities connection is quite complete, including USB, VGA-out, Express Card, and also HDMI. Provide port for an antenna cable digital TV (DVB) despite it still is optional - the internal TV tuner is available in the new built-in Qrystal in the series.

Oh yes, this notebook is less fit for those who like video editing because the FireWire port had disappeared, although most of the camcorder can now also transfer as well through a USB connection.

In terms ergonomics not give us much criticism because almost all missed good comfort. Key keyboard shortcuts and give a good response on the finger. This is the key of the touchpad except that rather hard pressed. In between key facilities touchpad is an extra security as a fingerprint that is now used to appear on the notebook business.

Few shortages also appear on the indicator light notebook that is too close. As a result, we know the difficulties quickly the status of certain components, such as the status of batteries connection with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Overall, the Legacy X-4481 is ideal for work, not for gaming chips because of the use of the GMA X3100. Support 8-cell batteries help power is a notebook around 3 - 4 hours, so suitable for you who often work in the outdoors. One of comfort appear through a national warranty period of 2 years to reach the service and spare parts

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