Axioo Pico DJM616A, Complete and Competitive

The first view, directly found the netbook similarity with the MSi Wind U100. Even our difficulties to find the difference, so it looks like both of them created by the same hand.

After a similar, such as using Intel processors Atom N270 (1.6 GHz) and the screen size of 10 ". Even if a differentiate, it is hard drive capacity. Pico has a 160GB, while the Wind 80GB. Capacity is worthy of note as the excess Pico, given the netbook-like Acer aspire been in the One-digit 120GB. Other facilities provided adalahWi Pico-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, SD Card slot, and VGA Out.

Because the same physical form, Pico has advantages similar to the Wind. One is a very broad keyboard; for at least the size netbook. If counted, the size of each key about 17x15 cm, making the process of typing feel comfortable and we do not reach the difficulty of typing speed standard. We also do not feel the heat display in a significant handhold though has been in use long time.

Advantages of other Pico screen quality is good enough. At the highest brightness setting, screen able to show the sharp detail, without any explanation that is too strong. Screen 10.2 "itself has a 1024x600 pixels resolution, so convenient to use sites optimized in the resolution of 1024 pixels wide.

Pico about the dimensions of 26x18 cm, thick with between 2,6-3 cm. Weight approximately 1.15 kg. If compared, Pico slightly more weight than the Asus Eee PC or Acer aspire (1kg). However, this weight difference should not be problematic, because we still feel comfortable bring roving office.
Because using the same components, we try to compare the performance of Pico with the Wind. The result can be suspected: both have similar performance. Including the power play HD video in a format that is approximately 1.5 hours.

This result is similar to the Wind, but can not match Asus Eee PC 901 more than the record time of 4 hours. This is not due to the use of hard disk-shaped disc capacity and batteries that only 2,200 mAh. So do not forget to prepare when you bring the charger Pico travel.

With a similar form, Axioo Pico likely be made by hand with the same MSi Wind. And because MSi that have factories, means Axioo purchase of Pico MSi. This means more expensive than the Pico Wind dong? Was not. Pico with the price of US$ 480, while IDR Wind around. US$ 530. So it seems MSi 'give a way' for OEM's to be more competitive in price than the products themselves. Rather strange, but it's business.

With prices below US$ 500 and has included the Windows Home Edition, Axioo Pico is a good choice for your search netbook. Nearest rival Acer aspire One is a version of Windows priced around US$ 480.

Pico is the excess has been given the Bluetooth and larger hard disk capacity, while the excess aspire One is the SD Card slot two. Because rarely use the SD Card, for our Axioo Pico is a choice that is more enthralling than aspire One

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