Intel and Micron announced NAND Flash 34nm

Intel and micron technology developed in cooperation with the NAND flash joint venture company formed called IM Flash Technologies. The Company has announced to produce NAND Flash device using 34nm memory, 32 Gigabyte multi-level cell.

This step will be against Flash producers such as Samsung and Toshiba, which is produce 32 GB NAND chip. Joint venture company will produce NAND Flash memory capacity of the match used by digital camera, mobile phone, media player, and a computer with cheaper production costs.

Intel micron and hope we can Rockface Lehi facility is a manufacturer of NAND Flash. Both IT companies are targeting more than 50 percent of the production of 34nm chips at the end of this year. NAND memory products is estimated that the new will appear most rapidly early 2009.

Source: micron Press

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