Toshiba Portege M800, For Carrier Woman

SURVEY last conducted InfoKomputer magazine shows 90% of the readers are men. Therefore, this article is intended to more than 10% of womanhood, or that both men and interested partner to buy a new notebook.

Not anything. Parties that we review this time is the Toshiba Portege M300 notebook covered the pink of the "girl's." The same as the version Satellite M300 that we months ago, the notebook chassis is made through technology Fusion Finish to generate the surface of the glossy. So is pink, too glossy; goodness how you happiness?

The same as the previous generation, this is the Portege M300 notebook is for your mobile. This can be seen from the size of the screen size of 13.3 "and weight about 2 kg; comfortable enough to take a trip. However, as we recently accustomed to 13.3 notebook "the thin (such as the Macbook Air or Lenovo X300), the M300 thickness reached 4 cm feels too thick.

Perhaps because they intended to travel a lot, this notebook is equipped with facilities fingerprint scanner for security reasons. 150GB hard drive is also equipped with technology that shakes reducer in the data remains protected when the notebook is dropped. Other facilities available are Wi-Fi Draft-N, Bluetooth, 1.3 MP webcam, and DVD Multi format.

Behind the feminine color, Portege M300 components that possess strong enough. Series PPM80L-02Y013 that our test is, for example, given the processor Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 (2.38 GHz), which assisted DDR2-800 memory capacity of 1GB. Unfortunately graphic functions carried onboard Intel X3100 chip, so that less than maximum application to run gaming heavyweight. Even if the Macbook Air that use processors weaker, its 3D performance is still behind (see table of the test results).

At the top of the keyboard, notebook worth U.S. $ 1,399 to provide this control panel for multimedia. However, instead of using a key, the control panel is a touch sensor equipped with lights. This makes the operation of the panel is not disrupted even though we operate it in the darkness.

When we try to play the movie, one of the advantages we note is the quality of the speakers above the average. Using the speaker harman / kardon, his voice sounded clear and crispy, although a minimal bass boom. Screen also good quality, although the viewing angle, it looks rather limited.

Show style; it may be magic words in the Toshiba at this time. Fusion Finish rely on technology, the latest range of Toshiba notebook looks interesting and exclusive attention. Image is the last in the Portege M300, which uses the color pink to know. Selection of color may make this limited to womanhood, but the white color is available if you want to appear more low-profile.

Performance and facilities offered Portege M300 is good and suitable for career women who want a notebook that brought comfortable travel.

Source: InfoKomputer

PLUS: Finishes beautiful; good performance; clear voice.
MINUS: The thick; 3D less than maximum performance; dirty easily.
Test Results

Actually compare the Portege M800 and Macbook Air less balanced because the water using a special processor to compensate for the thin shapes. However, both can be compared because they remain the same notebook 13.3 "

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My first comment, very interesting article whom you post.
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