Super Fast Charging Laptop Battery

Tokyo - Toshiba planned to launch laptop battery that could in-charge only in several minutes. The electronics company from Japan, was designing prototype super Charge Ion Battery (SCiB), special Laptop battery that was more durable and could fill up the capacity 90 percent of the battery only in ten minutes.

As being quoted by PC World, on Friday (3/10/2008), SCiB was claimed had the capacity more than lithium-ion other laptop battery. This battery not only durable but also safe, because of being not easy to burnt. Toshiba said, SCiB was made from materials with the level of the stability of the high temperature so its not easy to burnt.

Moreover, Toshiba also said, their newest battery well-off charging for 5000 through to 6000 times. Prototype SCiB would showed to public in the Ceatec exhibition in Chiba, Japan that was begun on September 30. In this exhibition, Toshiba put on SCiB in Dynabook laptop. The exhibition visitor will be served by the demonstration of the super fast battery laptop filling.

SCiB in fact was introduced since last year, but Toshiba just made especially for the application of the world of the industry. This battery has been used in electric Cannondale bicycle in Europe and the United States. Despite this, Toshiba still could not confirm, SCiB could boost up the sale and controlled the battery laptop market.

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