Notebook 3G From Panasonic!

Its name is ToughBook. As being impressed by its name, this notebook was claimed strong. Because the casing was made from magnesium alloy. Mean while the keyboard was drafted spill resistant. Toughbook began to be launched by Panasonic last year. At that time was available 7 series .

Currently its series rises one figure, namely 8, to be precise F8, T8 and W8. F8 and T8 optionally was equipped with chipset the Gobi dual-3G (EV-DO and HSPA) from Qualcomm. This meant its user could connected to broadband Internet through the cellular operator all over the world.

The model F8 came with the screen 14”. this F8 packed Intel processor Core 2 of Duo 2,26GHz, harddisk 160GB, the memory 1GB that could upgraded until 4GB, and one of DVD drive. That was unique, as could be seen in the picture, notebook weighed 3.7 pound this had the grip (handled). Wireless feature standard was Wi-Fi (a/b/g/draft n) and Bluetooth.

Mean while T8 and W8 had the screen 12” and Intel processor Core 2 of Duo 1,2GHz low voltage. The other specification almost identical. Together supported Wi-Fi (a/b/g/draft n). The difference is, T8 sailed touched, whereas W8 had DVD drive, but without Bluetooth.

Thirdly notebook with the operation system of Windows Vista Business this was estimated will slide in November came, with the price range US$ 2499 to F8, and US$ 2099 to T8 and W8. The battery F8 was named kept 6 hours, whereas T8 and W8 kept 7 hours.

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Sejal said...

The new Toughbook 8 Series line from Panasonic is keeping up with the wireless demands of todays world. They all have the optional choice of 3G Gobi Wireless, giving you the ability to connect to Internet virtually anywhere, anytime. For more information on these Panasonic products check out:

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