QOSMIO F50; High-Level Entertainment

Toshiba spread the QOSMIO series product as an introduction to a high-level entertainment with the quality and the best design. QOSMIO F50 and QOSMIO G50 offered a best entertainment experience through Toshiba Quad Core HD Processor. Attention was directed to the typical Toshiba characteristics notebook the upper class that was built on the basis of the standard of the highest quality and reflected a design that did not want to give the compromise in any area.

This Toshiba QOSMIO newest series also equipped with newest processor Intel output, namely Intel Centrino2 processor technology that was supported by Intel Core2 Duo Processor (Montevina platform) with 1066MHz the Front Side the bus. Being launched by Montevina, a new technology processor, Intel offered most new and best technology for the professional notebook user with processor that had a better force, the HD capacity just that was astonishing and an innovative design to extend the period with the battery.

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