John McCain's Laptop Missed!

Missouri - Panic was striking the team of the Presidential Candidate's US campaign of John McCain. How not, laptop contained important information about the strategy of this Republic of the campaign of the Party's fortification vanished by the thief. Strangely, just one laptop that was stolen by the thief and this laptop apparently contained important information around the McCain's campaign strategy.

In the meantime 22 laptop other that did not contain important information and is usually used by the volunteers, did not take part in being carried. According to the party's spokesperson of the Republic for Missouri, Tina Hervey, laptop this was estimated was stolen between Tuesday night around struck 10 and Wednesday morning around struck 6. The employees just knew this incident on Wednesday morning. "This Laptop contained information strategic the Party" of the "Republic about the method how our party gained the supporter in the Kansas City territory", explained Hervey from Computerworld, on Monday (6/10/2008).

Local police still investigate the case of this theft, but did not yet identify the suspect. Several staffs McCain suspected if this theft was formed the background by the political interests. Because, just one laptop that was aimed at that information inside be very valuable for the opponent of politics.

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