HP Elitebook 2530p Shatterproof Notebook!

Hewlett Packard (HP), introduced notebook ultra portable, HP EliteBook 2530p, that had high resistance. “HP continued to increase the existence brand EliteBook through the sophisticated and innovative design that was combined with the level durabilities quality the military, the latest features that facilitated in the use, as well as the level of the performance that strong, said Personal Systems Group HP Asia Pacific Vice President and Japan Chin Hon Cheng.

Secondly notebook this was claimed could support the very important tasks but not leave the style. EliteBook this inspired by the construction of the aircraft and continued to put the style as well as the appearance forward. HP EliteBook 2530p was present with HP support DuraCase, so its resistance was high enough.

The notebook cover lined with anode aluminum that was combined with the framework of magnesium alloy that was drafted in order to slip away the quality endurance test the military, especially in connection with resistance to the jolt, fell, the temperature of extreme air, dust and humidity.

HP EliteBook 2530p that just right for businessman that hard-working carried out this trip is the cutest and thinnest HP notebook business. The weight of EliteBook 2530p only 1,45 kg, that was equipped by the wide screen diagonal HP Illumi-Life LED measuring 12,1 inch. This screen was it was claimed clearer compared with screen technology notebook the standard as well as offered high battery resistance.

HP EliteBook 2530p offered the choice hard disk drive 1,8 inch or solid state drive that equipped with optical drive or hard drive 2,5 inch have a bigger capacity as well as had the speed was higher with the USB terminal in addition.

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