Cheapest MacBook Laptop

After successful launch Macbook laptop, Apple will be ready to compete in the cheap notebook market with launched their latest products next week.

With style as usual, Apple does not provide the actual leak about how the shape and features what is found in the notebook is the latest.

Some of that is by invitation via email on Apple on Thursday (9 / 10) contains only yesterday the spotlight Turns to Notebooks (notebook back into the center of attention).

The Apple confirmed by various media also reluctant to comment on this inexpensive notebook.

Meanwhile, some analysts said that information technology increasingly popularity of Apple's success with the rebound after their products such as MP3 music player iPod and Apple iPhone. Apple's chairman wanna strengthen the image of their products in the notebook.

The news from the Internet states that Apple will make a breakthrough with their latest launch notebook is worth less than U.S. $ 1,000.

"There is a possibility they dare to do so but generally they are very consistent with, their products are in high-end market. I really want to see how to make a breakthrough with Apple to sell their products in the price range of U.S. $ 799-999, but based on my experience they are very skeptical, "said analyst Van Baker of Gartner.

Baker added that Apple will make the latest version of the Macbook, thinner than a MacBook Pro and more modern from the MacBook Air

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