$98 Cheap Laptop!

Hong Kong- Several producers laptop or notebook in the world claimed that their product was cheapest in the world. But actually the producer of the computer from China HiVision correctly made cheapest laptop in the world. Laptop that produced HiVision was sold with the price US$98 then you could type to complete the tasks of the lecture or the office, turned music or your film and browsing the internet.

Although HiVision was laptop cheap but the standard features continued to be in this laptop, like CPU 400MHz, RAM 64MB atau128MB, LCD 7 inch, and only had the capacity 1GB flash drive. Moreover HiVision was equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, and operating system Linux or Windows CE. Of course the attendance cheap laptop always was gazed at skeptic by many people.

With low-end features, the name HiVision definitely still hesitant in the wider community. HiVIsion that was based in Shenzen also was made hesitate by the existence of his information access, proof by the official site sometimes ounce and offline. Laptop HiVision ready to be marketed this month. Are you interested?

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