Let's Note F8; Cool Laptop From Panasonic

Tokyo - Usually notebook or laptop with a separate bag, so if you want to bring it to be included in the bag and removed again if you want to use it.

But that laptop is behind the era and not practical, because it still must reveler to enter and remove from the bag.

Now, in this new era of laptop should have become one with the use bag so much more practical.

Practicability of that and try to be offered by Panasonic through their latest notebook series, Let's Note F8. Notebooks mainstay Japanese electronics giant is already equipped grip (the handle) shows a bag.

For this series, it certainly handle the attraction, while for the specifications are classified as a normal screen size of 14.1 inch, 1.6 kg weight, the Intel Core 2 Duo SP9300 (2.26 GHz), 2GB of RAM, and 160GB hard drive. In addition, the battery from the laptop is resistant up to 9 hours (standby)

This is a very innovative product, but the problem is.. the handle can not protect the notebook from the impact that can make blister.

Panasonic is not yet known whether selecting casing materials resistant is scratched or impact-resistant so without using any notebook bag is safe enough to carry.

But for you who are interested, please be patient because the current Let's Note F8 start marketed in Japan.

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