Eee PC 901: First Atom Product From Asus

Eee PC 901 were sold in two versions: the Windows version (SSD 12GB) and the Linux version (20GB). Following the Eee PC series 900, Asus was not waiting long to release their further product namely 901. Although from the aspect of the name only different one figure, from the side fitur the second difference this mini notebook more than that. Instead of Celeron 900MHz, currently Asus arms Eee PC with the newest processor from Intel Atom of N270 1,6GHz—that was claimed more frugal the battery.

This Eee PC first that adopted this processor. Physically, the Eee PC design 901 were not more special compared with the older brother. The product that was tested this time was black, with the material casing slippery and shone (glossy). The examination of your finger was easy to be printed there, but could easily also to clean. The measurement of the screen, idem with the series 900, reached 8,9 inch with the resolution 1280x600 pixel. Felt was relieved enough when being used worked or only a browsing.

This product was also equipped with touchpad with the capacity scrolling two fingers—like this matter to Eee PC 900. The measurement fitur this was considered to be relieved and sensitive so as comfortable was used. While keyboard him, although being spacious enough, to need time to adapt. When at first was used, don't be surprised if you often were wrong typed.

The Asus side provided two versions for Eee PC 901: the model with Windows XP that was supplemented with the operation system by SSD 12GB, and the version (OS) Linux that adopted SSD 20GB. Both Of Them used two chip SSD, one have a capacity 4GB for OS, and other measuring 8GB (for the XP version) or 16 GB (for the Linux model). With RAM reached 1GB, achievement was counted was good enough—if not used for the difficult application. You could undertake several applications at the same time without the significant problem.

Increased the battery have a capacity 6600mAh as the standard, Eee PC 901 could be also used more for a long time was compared the product of the same class; in fact oldest in this testing. But this superiority wanted did not want made the body became somewhat fatter. To connect, you could make use of WiFi draft-n, Bluetooth, or Ethernet. The conference activity via the video was also increasingly smooth owing to facilities webcam 1.3 megapixel and dual-microphone array. To increase the capacity, was provided by many choices like slot the SD/MMC and three port USB.

Despite physically was not far different, reform beside the processor made Asus Eee PC 901 had the significant surplus compared to Eee PC the generation beforehand. The speed was increasing by 20%, while his battery could remain up until 4 hours more. Unfortunately until this article was contained, Asus Eee PC 901 not yet official entered Indonesia so as we did not yet get his official price. However with all of surpluses, Asus Eee PC 901 became the appropriate choice was glanced at.

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