Upgrade Eee PC 900 to Touchscreen Notebook!

Happy news for you the owners Eee PC 900. The article sub notebook from Asus could be upgraded to netbook type the screen touched. To operate on it, you remained used stylus or even your finger to touch the Eee PC screen 900.

However if viewing the specification that was offered to Eee PC 900, apparently the component that compiled Eee PC 900 also still must be increased. The Intel Celeron processor that was used to Eee PC 900 it was felt still not all that could be progressing agilely if compared with Atom Intel that was drowned in Eee PC 901. Various feature that composed Eee PC 900 were also considered still not all that.

Possibly was good him if Asus Eee PC 901 that was upgraded and migrated to netbook with the screen touched. However we considered, the presence sub notebook that came with the small switch still was it was felt not more comfortable was used for you with big fingers.

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