HTC Shift; New Comer UMPC

If uptil now you met laptop cute like Asus Eee , Fujitsu the U series, or Kohjinsha, then the manufacturer HTC tried to appear unlike the others, HTC Shift. UMPC this was present with keyboard shifted that was similar to Sony VAIO UX, Dopod U1000, or OQO. Possibly the person will suspect HTC of copying this design, in fact keyboard shifted this kind precisely came from the manufacturer HTC and Dopod.

Compared with notebook, the HTC Shift appearance might be counted more resembled PDA phone in the bigger dimension. The screen 7” that could be shifted this also could be loaded by his position to increase comfort during typed. In the edge part of the screen was pinned several panels input like touchpad mini, the click switch mouse, and an examination censor of the finger for authentication of the user. Apart from input from the switch and keyboard, the screen evidently also was touchscreen so as made gadget this could be used was proper for a PC tablet.

The unique surplus from HTC Shift emerged from the availability of access of GSM 3G HSDPA to access the Internet. You who used the service 3G from the operator GSM will feel his benefit, but communication access that was valid in gadget this only alias data could not serve cellular conversation. Slot for the SIM card was hidden over the battery compartment, was similar with notebook Asus U6S and Fujitsu P8010. Therefore, Shift offered the freedom of the Internet connection through the cellular network 3G and WiFi. As the main processor, HTC Shift relied on the low processor of tension Intelligence 800MHz to undertake the system of Windows Vista Business. Despite this, we felt the Windows XP operation system more ideal for UMPC have a speed low.

Apart from Intel, evidently still had a processor of Qualcomm 400MHz again in Shift to run the system that was mentioned SnapVUE, one display fast information to handle the e-mail, the SMS, the calendar, or the note of the work schedule. Snap VUE could be activated quickly (without through the Vista) through the switch shortcut in left low the screen. Good him, in mode SnapVUE this you could make use of the connection 3G and Wifi in the Vista simultaneously.

For the use mobile everyday HTC Shift still pleasant although battery resistance that only 2700mAh (1 hour 35 minutes) was classified as fast completely. The processor 800MHz was not too appropriate with the Vista although the memory that was enclosed already 1GB. was suggested by us should not undertake more than 3 applications simultaneously that could result in the slowness of the process of the computation.

Although HTC Shift very pleasant for the user mobile owing to access that was comfortable with keyboard bertombol big, the choice of dual Internet access (3G and Wi-Fi), displai instant SnapVUE, and feature other that facilitated the user worked anywhere.

Plus: the interesting design; flexible navigation; the connection 3G and Wi-Fi; displai SnapVUE that was practical.
Minus: the Achievement was rather slow; access SnapVUE must with the SIM card; was equipped drive optics; expensive.

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