Tablet PC From Apple!

CNET reported that when they had dinner while changing the good-looking story with the friend - their friend in ASUS, they were given the year that "Asus was helping Apple to make one of PC Tablet". Although they wanted to heed the rumor about Apple because the amount that a large number of, this canned be heard logical because Asus was the producer of the Apple contract.

One of the of the company's responsibility were to produce iBook, PowerBook and MacBook available in this world and because of that, if they said that they were making a Tablet for Apple, they appropriate good. After confirmed came back this with the CNET source in Asus, they confirmed that Apple Tablet will not be based on the Asus design available like R1. Apple Tablet will be made be based on one blueprint that completely just, the possibility was based on the patent that was put forward by Apple in May 2005.

CNET suspected that this will have Core Intelligence architecture as a base, a Leopard version that was renewed, had multi touch and CoverFlow that was seen by us in iPhone and iPod Touch. So, whether Apple could change the PC Tablet into the success where many other companies that had tried to fail? The shortness answer was "please". The company anything that could make a cellular phone without the switch, without MMS, access web slow and could not record the video to the cellular phone that most was wanted in the planet could popularize PC Tablet easily.

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