Express Yourself Through the Notebook's Color

Lenovo introduced four notebook IdeaPad newest with three choices of the color. Although 'flirtatious', fitur notebook this could not be underestimated. Take note several of the him, that is the introductory capacity to the face to login, One-Key Rescue System for restoration file that was lost, HDMI to High Definition Display. Gotten by two shapes IdeaPad just from Lenovo, that is having a wide sail 13 (Y330 and U330) and the wide screen 14 inch (Y430). Apart from the three types, Lenovo also announced IdeaPad Y530. The "model, the color and our new innovation all of them in connection with the customer and their method in expressing himself and their ideas," said Irene Santosa, Country Manager Transactional Business, Lenovo Indonesia, as being quoted from the press release that was accepted detikINET

IdeaPad U330 was notebook thin and light with the thickness began 2,29 cm and heavy only 1,8 kg more. U330 was present with the color glossy Indigo blue, was supplemented with introductory technology to the face VeriFace. U330 was supplemented with Lenovo Active Protection System (APS), fitur that initially was used in notebook-notebook ThinkPad. Lenovo APS technology helped protected the data in hard drive if notebook fell. And if the operation system crash, the user could restore the data in one touch with One-Key Rescue System.

IdeaPad Y330 put forward the plan of the coral stone in cover upper and the support of the hands palm with the choice of the Bold color black, white, or bubblegum pink. The feature included DVD burner, the integrated camera, the memory through to 4 GB, hard drive through to 320 GB and Bluetooth. IdeaPad Y430 & Y530 was available in the plan texture Bold black or Crimson red. The user IdeaPad Y430 could choose between the screen that used frame or without frame, as well as will be supplemented with Blu-Ray DVD player or not.

The photograph: Lenovo IdeaPad Y430 was red (upper) and Y330 was black (low).
source: Lenovo.

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