Super Cheap Laptop! The 2nd Generation!

Not again old will emerge laptop super cheap, sophisticated, and the energy opinion with the concept dual touch screen. The monitor panel and keyboard him together used screen access touched. Laptop that will become the dream everyone this had a name XO-2 and currently still in the form of the prototype that was developed by the OLPC foundation (One Laptop Per Child).

Screen technology XO-2 used the integration of the censor multi-touch in the monitor of LCD. Technology this be different from that was worn to the LCD panel like that was used iPhone and the tablet computer at this time. Results of extraordinary saving and the quality of the better picture of the production cost.

Apart from the touch of the hands finger XO-two also will use the pen/stylus to operate on him. To operating system Xo-2 compatible by all of OS available. Dual touch screen will be very susceptible for the occurrence of damage because of that, XO-2 designed casing him with the mechanism of the maximal protection.

His plan in the future technology dual touch screen that was developed this would in applied to several vendor notebook, the mobile phone, and e-book, or as the OEM product (original equipment Manufacturer). Technology dual touch screen that was developed inside Laptop XO-2 by OLPC very frugal energy with the electricity power almost approaching 1 watt, and the price as big as $75. Wow... could be imagined by the price laptop was as sophisticated as this was supervised 1 million.

Laptop OLPC XO-2, this his plan will be used in the One Laptop Per Child program and was released during 2010. The other uniqueness from laptop this was in keyboard him, laptop this will use touchscreen virtual keypad as keyboard him, so as his form like an electronics book.

The One Laptop Per Child program was the program to provide laptop with the cheap price, especially for children in the developing country. His initiator was Nicholas Negroponte, that established OLPC’s Global Country Workshop to carry out this program.

XO-2 had display dual indoor-and-sunlight, so as could be seen clearly inside and outside the room. His design also enabled us to see the screen with the vertical format, so as we could use him like a book. Laptop that was good-looking enough, isn't it?

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