Kohjinsha E8: Asus Eee PC Killer!

Kohjinsha released one notebook pc mini to entry the level that was given by the name E8, and indeed this product to shoot the market of Asus EEE PC. Street in Windows XP and AMD Geode LX800 CPU, E8 had the capacity harddisk 40GB, memory 512MB and the screen touchscreen in the resolution 1024x600.

Feature other including built-in stereo speaker, slot memory card, and USB port. Use time could keep till 3.5 hours and could have been bought by you to 29 February 2008 this. His price revolved between 5 million and 6 million rupiah. How with EEE PC that his price now has reached 4,3 million rupiah in market?? With the comparison spec that was askew enough this??

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