ASUS EeePC 900 New Challenger!

Finally ASUS EeePC 900 received the serious threat. Because in Indonesia currently was present the weight rival that is MSI Wind U100 that had spek more superior all of them compared to EeePC900 but with the price was cheaper. MSI Wind U100 used the processor of atomic Intelligence 1.6GHz that was supplied fitur hyperthreading, SSE3, SpeedStep and had L2 cache 512KB.

Whereas EeePC900 still used the old processor Celeron 900MHz that did not have fitur sophisticated that was had by atomic Intelligence. Moreover MSI Wind was supplied harddisk 80GB that his capacity was far more bigger compared with SSD EeePC that only 12GB that. Because of that with MSI Wind you did not need again confusion to deceive the insignificance storage in notebook mini.

Although Hard the disk was more wasteful the power compared with SSD, but consumption of Atom Intelligence of electricity was far more frugal compared with Celeron. MSI Wind used the LCD screen 10 LED kinds backlit with the resolution 1024x600. This meant his screen was more relieved and his quality was better compared with the screen EeePC 900 (8,9).

MSI Wind used chipset Intel 945GMS, memory DDR2-667 1GB, and was supplied by Wifi 802.11b/g, webcam 1.3MP, as well as bluetooth (optional). Moreover the measurement keyboard MSI Wind also bigger, so as more comfortable to be used typed compared with keyboard EeePC that his measurement was small that. MSI Wind was sold in Indonesia with the price was cheaper compared to EeePC 900 (revolving US$ 500).

For OS that was enclosed with MSI Wind was Windows XP. MSI reportedly will not enclose Linux because Wind=Windows. This certainly an exact step because of Linux in notebook only will reduce your productivity and made notebook you became "stupid". We hoped increasingly many producers notebook mini not reach with OS Linux that was foolish this, because in his reality, OS Linux in notebook was created only to be removed and replaced with Windows.

Because of that OS Linux in notebok in fact it was considered like the Virus/the waste that in the long run will be removed. Because Linux will only drop IQ off notebook you to jongkok of the same class pre-schoolers. MSI was the producer motherboard three big in the world, and uptil now was known as the producer notebook OEM that made notebook for various local makes in various countries. In Indonesia several local makes that used notebook made by MSI including being Axioo, Razio, Forsa, etc

Reportedly several notebook the local make will also use MSI Wind (that was certain his MSI make was removed and replaced with the local make). ASUS in fact tried to release revision from EeePC 900 that is EeePC 901 that his processor was replaced with atomic intel, but up to now is still not available in the market. Whereas MSI Wind was ready to be marketed in Indonesia.

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