New ASUS Netbook threw the Eee name away?

Again and again emerged netbook newest from ASUS that is N10, and same like his relatives S101, N10 will not use Eee make details. This was caused by ASUS wanted to increase the class from N10 and guided him to competing directly with Mini- Note 2133 of the mobile phones, while offering the framework that more trapped, the screen 10" 1024x768 and speaker from Altec Lansing.

Apart from that, still many that were not yet known from the specification netbook this. Estimated by CPU that will be used continue to CPU Atom from Intelligence, although not closing the possibility would the use dual-core the Atom 330 that was planned for the release in September this.

More again far, from the picture that was available could be seen by you that N10 had port HDMI, three port USB 2,0, VGA, slot that apparently to ExpressCard and slot SDHC. Dari Sisi LED, N10 apparently continued to offer the Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi. Webcam built-in apparently has been the obligation and and you too could see the existence of an examination tracker of the finger.

The price of this laptop around US$446 - US$595.

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