ASUS G70 for Gamers!

In WGT this time 2008, ASUS put forward the series notebook gaming G70 newest with the amazing performance. ASUS G70 with Windows Vista® Ultimate produced the dual capacity from the supportive graphic card DirectX® 10; and one architectural “Multi Dual-Engine” to answer the requirement gamer for the performance of the extreme.

Notebook ASUS G70 with new design

Including among them the structure duplex in the component system that including one CPU Intelligence of Core™2 Duo/Extreme, the graphic card dual NVIDIA 8700M GT, HDD dual with the combination of the storage capacity until 640GB as well as the fan thermal dual. G70 gave the visual capacity and audio with the high definition as well as produced the new standard in gaming mobile.

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iazaux said...

sometimes.. we need time to make this life like a game! Just enjoy it and keep on fighting!

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