Fujitsu LifeBook P8010

Fujitsu LifeBook P8010 was made with the aim of replacing the series beforehand that is P7230. Similar to with the model beforehand, LifeBook P8010 had the arsonist DVD dual-layer was increased with the LED screen 12 that was bigger than P7230 and had battery resistance reached 5 hours.

LifeBook P8010 this was one of a little ultraportable device that could remain so old in very much the battery filling, although the powerful processor low and keyboard that was not more comfortable could decrease our productivity. They that knew P7230 will see that is gotten by the change in the design in P8010.

Although the available dimension bigger that is 11.2x8.4x1.4 (HWD) from the dimension beforehand that is 10.7x7.8x1.2, but heavy that only 2,8 pound lighter than the type P7230 as the version of his predecessor. The form of the wider framework, made P8010 could have the screen 12 from 10,6 in the version beforehand. That was strange here was, P8010 did not enclose full size keyboard in fact had the bigger framework.

For the user that wanted keyboard that was bigger will feel not more comfortable (the measurement keyboard him only 91% from full size keyboard) compared with keyboard that was had by MacBook Air. DVD burner dual the layer that was owned by P8010 was the function that must be paid attention to because laptop this united Toshiba Portégé R500, Sony VAIO VGN-TZ150N and Toughbook W5 inside ultraportable device that had heavy less than 3 pound and had optikal drive.

Despite this, drive from P8010 this not modular as the version beforehand was still could not be pulled out and replaced with the additional battery. USB port that was had by the series was 3. P8010 also had port FireWire, the examination reader of the finger, and 4 dari 1 card reader. That not all that here was built in selular the modem like in the series of LifeBook T2010 and LifeBook U810. The speed always became the problem in P-series. Because of the limitations of the measurement then P-series could only accommodate the processor with voltage low.

in P8010 the processor that was used 1,2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo L7100, harddisk 120GB 5400 rpm and the memory 2GB. the Surplus because of using the processor voltage low this was battery resistance that for quite a long time that is approximately 5 hours. By that, this matter could also save your electricity bill. LifeBook P8010 had certification Energy cataracts 4,0 and EPEAT Silver.

The amount of energy that was used was the same as MacBook Air. Fujitsu LifeBook P8010 was one of the device ultraportable that integrated optical inside, and produced the durable battery seriously less than 3 pound. But with the price $2000 that was more expensive was compared by his competitor, Fujitsu ought to look for the method to enlarge keyboard and raise the performance so as comparable with his price.

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