NEC Powermate P5000, Laptop or PC?

Keyboard and mouse connected used Bluetooth connection, so you could control this PC from far.

If observing the component that was used, PC costing US$ 1599 this more was similar notebook compared to PC desktop. This was reflected from the number of components notebook that was used here, like the processor notebook AMD Turion X2 TL-52 (dual core, 1,6GHz), the memory of SODIMM 1GB (could expansed to 4GB), as well as harddisk the measurement 2,5 inch have a capacity 200GB.

And be proper for notebook, Powermate P5000 was also supplied by facilities WiFi that was integrated so as easily could connect to the wireless network. Apart from WiFi, was also available the wireless connection using Bluetooth. These facilities were important because keyboard and mouse that became this unity also was based on Bluetooth.

By default this PC already installed Windows Vista Home Premium, complete by all driver; including driver to mouse and keyboard Bluetooth. Practically, you remained striking the Power cable to electricity nets and Powermate P5000 at once could have been used. Our first impression tried this product was really impressive: the screen 17,1 inch him was seen obviously and sharply, with mouse and keyboard that was responsive.

After several time, we also found the level of the minimal voice, despite during in the condition for the burden was full. Through software Everest, we also found hot the processor was awakened in extension 40-61oC, that showed the NEC success designed the effective cooling system.

To support the work, NEC bundled up several software the supporter like McAfee Antivirus, Business Contact Manager, PowerDCD, and Skype. The good news, all software that was bundled up that could be returned easily owing to the Application Restore. And you can make backed up the system into DVD with facilities of NEC Master DVD Creator.

Indeed, this is not the first, but for us NEC Powermate P5000 was the blend that was beautiful between the design and the use. His design was beautiful, his facilities were complete, and were easy to be used. The price (US$ 1599) indeed a little higher compared to Apple iMac MA590ZP (US$ 1244) that had facilities of the same class, but Powermate P5000 stayed to the interesting choice for you who craved PC pretty and frugal space.

The Assessment score :
The achievement: 3,5
Facilities: 4,5
The use: 4,5
The price: 2,5
The total score: 3,75

Test Result
We did not have the standard that a border to measure the achievement of this NEC Powermate P5000, so as to be able to not comment many concerning his achievement. However saw the use of the processor of two cores and chip graphic onboard, this PC ideal was used for the application of multimedia but not for the application game the difficult class.

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