Asus N Series, with Face Recognizer!

Asus offered technology notebook that was supplemented with the connoisseur of the face. Technology that was mentioned with Smart logon this could detect the face of the user despite in the minimal light situation. With the connoisseur of the user's face was no longer necessary used password. This clever technology was drowned by Asus in their 4 N products series, that is N10, N20, N80, and N50.

N10 notebook was designed for the user who had many activities. Inside resided the Atom Intel Processor complete with the memory DDR2 that could be filled with the maximal capacity 2 GB. For the requirement kept the Asus data equipped with harddisk had a capacity 320 GB. This Notebook also provided the screen 10.2”, Bluetooth, and the camera 1.3 megapixel.

Another with N20. This notebook type had the surplus to its battery that could remain up until 12 hours. In fact, this notebook used Core Intel Processor 2 Duo and the screen 12.1”. The camera with the resolution 1.3 megapixel then could be found here complete with harddisk 320GB and Blu-Ray DVD combo. The surplus from this notebook was its capacity to communicate in the network 3G, 3,5 G, and Bluetooth.

If you were an executive, notebook N80 possibly the appropriate choice, because indeed designed especially for the executive's circle and professional. The processor that was used Intel Core 2 duo was equipped by the memory 4 GB and harddisk have a capacity 320GB. Blu-Ray DVD combo Driver as well as the screen 14,1” also could be found in the series N80.

Finally was the series N50. Especially this one rather somewhat unique, because of being equipped with built-in water ionizer feature to refresh air. The matter of the contents of the 'stomach' far was not different from the series N80, that is towing the Processor Intel Core 2 Duo, the memory DDR2 4 GB, the screen 15,4”, and harddisk capacity 500GB

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