Lenovo Netbook, Different!

Almost all fame in the world of the computer was playing in the arena netbook that was pioneered by Asus. In the homeland has circulated including the Acer make, HP and MSI.

Mean while from the local make was – in part - Axioo that was similar MSI. Before long we will receive the addition of one global make, namely Lenovo. IdeaPad S9 and S10, netbook substantial 0,9kg with the thickness around 2,54cm by Matthew the Co- Birthday (Worldwide Competitive Analyst, Lenovo) was mentioned as being different from the offer of his rivals. “With ExpressCard, to connect to 3G wireless and Ethernet.

However because of the existence slot ExpressCard, then the number port USB only two. This trade-off resulting from the shortage measure,” clear Co- Hut. That also was different according to Co- Hut was the measurement keyboard. “Keyboard measured 85% (from keyboard PC), so more comfortable.

Other feature that according to Co- Hut distinguished netbook Lenovo with belonging to Asus, Acer, Dell, or HP was gesture in touchpad. “This is like in iPhone; to increase the image was kept pushing two fingers to the side of upper.

Outside above features, the specification of IdeaPad S10 not differ from that was other: the processor of atomic Intel N270, RAM 1GB that could in-upgraded until 2GB, the screen 10” with LED backlit (8,9” to S9), Webcam, the microphone, multicard reader, the battery 3-cell and the Windows XP Home operation system.

Whereas for the color casing, was available three choices: black, white, and pink. “At the end of this September goods have entered the market. His price US$ 549 of – US$ 569. Harddisk 160GB, biggest in its class at this time. The battery will eventually be available 6- cell that kept 6 hours. Its standard now the battery 3-cell with endurance 2 hours,” flat Irene Santosa (Country Manager Transasctional Business, Lenovo (Singapore) Pte Ltd.).

He added that for the first stage, only 1000 units netbook Lenovo that will enter the homeland. "the pink color will be limited the amount, but also more expensive his price.

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