Advent 4213, Between Notebook and Cell Phones

Advent, one of the manufacturers netbook that rarely canned be heard his name, recently was reported was releasing their newest netbook. Advent 4213, was like this the newest series from Advent.

Features that was most interesting in netbook this was to be integrated by it slot the Subscriber Identity Module card (SIM), so as to be suitable to be used for you who were happy communicating in a mobile manner. Advent 4213 not the first netbook that used the processor Intel atom N270 with clock speed 1.6GHz. Beforehand already many similar genres that carried the similar processor.

The series of the memory that was used then was not explained, only Advent 4213 used RAM 1GB as well as HDD 160GB. Netbook Advent this also has been equipped with speaker internal. Advent 4213 carried the screen measuring 10,2 by drowning the Windows XP Home operation system. Sub Notebook that weighed 1,4 kg this reportedly would sell in the range not more than 7 million rupiah. Unfortunately, this Advent make just was present first for the English market.

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