[How To] Choose Mini Notebook?

Simple and was covered. Practical and mini. Notebook mini, or netbook like that his term if his processor was made by Intelligence, was drafted as the second system that could be put by you into the bag and brought everywhere. Notebook mini could give the Web service, the e-mail, and the application of the productivity in the body that his measurement not more than an agenda book.

Usually the equipment weight less than 1,5kg, was driven the processor of the power opinion from Intel or VIA, had the screen of 7” – 10”, the memory of 512MB – 1GB, storage take the form of harddisk or SSD (solid state disk), complete with the Windows operation system or Linux.

However the measurement that was smaller caused notebook mini this could not be as powerful as its relatives. We will not find the processor dual-core or feature discrete graphics here. That was received by us was the moving freedom (portabilities) in the price that was not as expensive as one ultraportabel.

At this time had many makes mini notebook circulated in the market. Because of this, chose whatever that most was suitable for your requirement possibly no longer was easy. So that too much did not have a headache, paid attention to matters along with:

The measurement keyboard and screen
mini Notebook quite measuring small, so important to choose the machine with the measurement of the screen and the resolution that were comfortable in your eyes. These machines offered the measuring screen 7” (including Asus Eee PC 4G), 8,9” (Acer Aspire One, Asus Eee PC 901, HP 2133 Mini- Note, Lenovo IdeaPad S9, MSI Wind Notebook U90), or 10” (Asus Eee PC 1000H, Axio Pico, MSI Wind Notebook U100, Lenovo IdeaPad S10).

The resolution in notebook measuring small became vital. One notebook mini with the resolution 800x480 pixel will demand you rolled-roll to the side (horizontal) when you wanted to see the page of a Web site intact. Fortunately mini notebook that emerged later offered the resolution 1024x600 pixel, so as to explore the quite pleasant Internet.

That also must be paid attention to was wide keyboard. Except if your fingers were indeed mini, keyboard to most notebook mini will be felt narrow if being compared keyboard PC that was normal you with. Keyboard that was most relieved in notebook mini possibly was HP 2133 Mini Note (92%) and MSI Wind Notebook U100 (92%), Acer Aspire One (89%).

However the measurement not all of them. The laying of the switch must be also paid attention to in order to be easy to be covered, or on the contrary, was not easy to be touched.

Operation System: Many of the mini-notebook had a cheap price came preinstall with the operation system open source that was free, Linux. Its variant could Linpus Linux (Acer Aspire One), or Xandros Linux (Asus Eee PC). The Linux’ use in fact beneficial. Apart from his measurement that was small, this operation system was relative stronger faced the attack malware.

Don't worry with the interface. The mini notebook producer has made so that the use interface Linux could easy like Windows. And if liking the person who tinkers, you could make interface3D that was pretty with help desktop the Manager like Compiz Fusion.

One obstacle here: the program installation could was felt was difficult and needed attempted with command line. Moreover, depended on the Linux version that was installed, possibly was also software that was incompatible with your mini notebook.

The good news, Canonical (the company behind the operation system desktop Ubuntu) was preparing Ubuntu Netbook Remix, an operation system of OEM-customizable that was drafted to mini notebook with Atom Intel processor . This operation system will come preinstall in several systems of the year end.

WINDOWS: XP became the Windows operation system that was general was found in mini-notebook. That rather the difference was the HP, that offered the Vista in 2133 Mini- Note him. Windows compatible with almost all the programs or accessories that were available in the market at this time. Unfortunately, because of his market share that was big, Windows machines tended to become the attack target malware, so the package of the security who was strong like Norton Internet Security 2008 must be added.

This time had two companies of – Intel and VIA - that produced the processor that was drafted to support the speed and battery efficiency in mini notebook. Intel initially drove notebook mini with the Celeron Intel processor M. processor (900MHz). However currently that often was used was the Atom Intel processor that was more efficient the power (800MHz until 1,8GHz).

The processor VIA’s C7-M. (1,0GHz until 1,7GHz) gave the moderate achievement (the HP 2133 Mini- Note), but was not as fast as his rival who came from Intelligence. Moreover notebook mini that was powered by the VIA processor tended faster was drained his battery. That just recently VIA introduced the Nano platform (1,0GHz until 1,8GHz), that was drafted to compete with Atom Intelligence in the matter of the achievement and battery endurance, but this system was not yet encountered by us in the market.

Storage System
Notebook mini at this time offered two types storage: harddisk and SSD (solid state the disk). Each one had the superiority and the weakness.

Harddisk gave huge storage (Ms Wind Notebook U100 and Asus Eee PC 1000H came with harddisk 80GB, Acer Aspire One A150 and HP 2133 Mini- Note respectively enclosed harddisk 120GB, whereas Axio Pico and Lenovo IdeaPad S10 became knotted harddisk 160GB), but harddisk more was susceptible to the jolt and produced more often was hot resulting from a part-a part that proceeded.

SSD faster, more kept towards the jolt and the surprise but also colder. However because his price was still expensive, his capacity then still was not yet too big. So, if you emphasized the capacity storage, chose mini-notebook that packed harddisk. However if you gave priority to the protection of the data from the jolt and the surprise, chose SSD.

The Number Port
If you liked to connected to digital camera, MP3 player, or even the external monitor, do not worry. In general notebook mini produced three port USB 2,0, port VGA-out, and slot the memory card. The exception was Lenovo IdeaPad S10 that only had two port USB 2,0. However as his substitute for Lenovo IdeaPad S10 put forward slot ExpressCard, agreed for you who liked to use the Internet card broadband. Slot ExpressCard this also bundle up by HP 2133 Mini- Note.

For one mini notebook that was mentioned anywhere, battery resistance became important. Unfortunately most mini notebook at this time only provided the battery 3-cell have a capacity 2000mAh. Battery resistance 3-cell this generally under 2 hours. Because of that will be very pleasant to be able to get the battery 6-cell have a capacity high (high capacity). Belonging to Asus Eee PC 901 that have a capacity 6600mAh for example, could remain around 6 hours.

Webcam Quality
Mini notebook invested Webcam 0.3 megapixel or 1.3 megapixel to facilitate you chatted while saw (the video) with friend and the workmate. Usually, increasingly high megapixel one of Webcam, increasingly good/sharply his picture.

Touchpad and switches mouse that was relatively small was the normal matter in mini notebook, but you could always add the manager's personal system you, that is mouse. Chose that nirkabel with dongle that was mini, like Kensington SlimBlade the Mouse Media or Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000. If you need more storage to keep the photograph collection, music, the video and the document, should not reluctant bought harddisk external that was portable.

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