Laptop US$ 100 were present in November

Two months more the community in the developing country it was hoped could enjoy the One Laptop Per Child work (OLPC) that was famous with the product laptop cheap him. OLPC just make an agreement with the Amazon to market that cheap laptop. This online retailer will support the spreading this cheap laptop through the program that was named Give 1 Get 1 (G1G1), that will be launched by the end of November.

Be based on skim this, eventually the community could buy laptop XO for the requirement for the consumers personally and afterwards was granted to one school student in the developing country.

This program was drafted especially to support the Lecturer's dream MIT Nicholas Negroponte, that formed OLPC to create cheap laptop for school children in the developing country that was sold less than US$ 100 per the unit.

Don't thought because of this price cheap then ignored the achievement of this lap-top computer, because this device has been equipped wi-fi and was filled by an amount educational software.

Moreover, laptop cheap generation came that was launched 2010, OLPC will prepare laptop featuring XO2 with the screen touched, so as need not again keyboard to type. Now for the program G1G1 this, will be begun at the end of November and took place to the end of 2008. This program was only launched for the American resident, who afterwards will be contributed to the student could not reach in the developing country

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