Asus Eee PC 900, Increasingly Comfortable

Was not supposed, really pleasant used notebook cute (netbook, UMPC – ultra mobile PC) was bright white from Asus this. His screen quite only 8.9, but quite adequate. Browsing Internet must be no longer stirred up with roll-rolled the screen to left, right, upper, and low, like in the version of his predecessor, Asus Eee PC 701 that his screen measuring 7”.

Indeed we continue to have to the roll above and down, but must not to left and right again again. In the resolution 1024x600, the display one screen was full was comfortable enough to be gazed at. However if wanted, you might load him until 1024x768, although for this wider look field you must make a sacrifice: carried out more scrolling upper/low/left/right.

Be comfortable enough also typed to Asus Eee PC 900 that currently packs this Windows XP Home Edition operation system (we typed this comment with Asus Eee PC 900). The distance between his switch was not too close, so as finger-finger our hands might not jostle during typed. Certainly if your finger was fat, comfort typed more or less will be disturbed.

That also just here was touchpad, that was acknowledged as Smart Pad. Smart Pad made by Elantech this only did not function as pointer in the style of mouse, but also could be used to men-zoom in and out.

The method is, placed two fingertips -- the index finger and the middle finger -- docked in the Smart Pad surface, then developed the two fingers to get the effect zoom-in. For the effect was the reverse, zoom-out, shifted the two fingertips until docked. Not only that. Scroll (roll-rolled) then could be carried out in this Smart Pad surface. Continue to by relying on two fingertips - the index finger and the middle finger.

But this time both of them were positioned moved each other together, then encouraged above or down. Really was easy and simple. Scroll this was current in all the applications. Although physical notebook cute, approximately a measurement of a book, facilities that were packed were complete enough: the wireless connection Wi-Fi that was activated/was killed via the combination emphasis of the switch of Fn-F2, WebCam 1.3 megapixel that was installed exact in the middle on the screen panel of LCD.

In the leftside the camera was gotten the 'hole' that was the microphone. The rear indeed only put forward Jack DC-in and the place menyarangkan the battery of Li-Ion. In the meantime the unit front also appeared clean, without being slot/port anything. Indeed for the connection affair, was provided three port USB that was separated his location: one on the left and two in right. Apart from one port USB, on the left also was gotten respectively one port for LAN, and Jack's one to headphone and other for the external microphone.

Whereas on the right of the unit was gotten card reader that could read the card of the SD of the type memory/SDHC/MMC, two port USB, and one port VGA-out. Inside slot the SD on the right this, was put by us a SDHC Class card 6 8GB that specially was produced by A-Data for Asus Eee PC this.

This card functioned as the addition storage, considering storage that was provided by Asus took the form of SSD (solid state the disk/flash the disk) with the capacity (in this case) 'only' 4GB. This addition 8GB made this capacity freer. We also transfixed USB flash the A-Data disk of S701 8GB that also especially was made for Asus Eee PC this as the addition storage. So that solid with the colour casing Asus Eee PC 900 bright white, SDHC 8GB and USB flash the disk 8GB artificial A-Data that then was similar, the white alias.

O yes, apart from the Windows XP Home Edition operation system, inside notebook this has been installed including the program DVD XPack Mini DVD Player, Adobe Reader 8, StarSuite, Microsoft Works,Skype, Windows Live Mail. The quality of the voice that was presented by Asus Eee PC 900 this was good enough.

Hard, and was round enough in the maximal volume. This although the location a pair speaker him was rather strange, at the bottom of the unit, exact below palmrest. Specification, in fact Asus Eee PC 900 this was not different far with his predecessor, Asus Eee PC 701. His processor continue to Intelligence of Celeron 900MHz, not atomic Intel like that was waited for by many of his interested persons, with motherboard based 915GM.

But indeed had several increases, like the bigger screen (8,9” vs. 7”), the memory that currently 1GB, WebCam 1.3 megapixel, and Smart Pad that was more multipurpose. Whereas in a manner the achievement, notebook cute this was good enough. Owing to the addition of the memory that twice the version fold of his predecessor, his response was faster.

We could carry out several works simultaneously, for example browsing the Internet while watching the film. But – because of his screen that was narrow but also the limitations of storage space (Asus used SSD – solid state the disk) – notebook this was not ideal to be asked to play games.

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