Google faced Firefox and IE

The giant of the Internet of the search engine apparently began to be sultry also saw the market browser only was controlled by the Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. So Google immediately prepared the step with launched browser was named Chrome.

Browser or the search engine in the internet adopted open source that will compete with the Explorer Internet and Firefox. Browser was named Chrome this was drafted to be used in the application web the following generation that often used the graph and multimedia.

As the step in early, Chrome will be launched in my version in 100 countries in the Windows version, just after that of Google will launch the Mac version and Linux. "We realized that this browser must thought repeated comprehensively," said Sundar Pichai from Google in their blog. Chrome will help Google to push the use of various applications of his property that was available in the internet, to replace programs desktop.

Google has uptil now developed various applications like Picasa, Documents and various map kinds that available in the internet, and began to replace the program that beforehand only be available in an offline manner. "That was needed in fact not only browser, but also the modern platform for the site and the application web, and this that would we got up," said Pichai. Chrome officially could download at September 3.

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