IdeaPad S10, New Netbook from Lenovo

You definitely still remembered with the news of the Lenovo plan made netbook cheap. This plan was carried out because Lenovo made an announcement concerning netbook first from this company that had the screen of 10,2 and powered by atomic processor.

This Netbook, Lenovo IdeaPad S10, unfortunately had the plan that suspected resembled MSI Wind or Eee PC. Nevertheless, the US price $399 definitely will make you be interested. With this price, you will get netbook with RAM 512MB and the capacity HDD 80GB. When you needed RAM 1GB and the capacity HDD 160GB, you could buy the other model with the price $450.

The two models used chipset the Atom 1.6GHz and at this time only used OS Windows XP, despite Lenovo said will provide the model with OS Linpus in the near future. The screen netbook this offered display 1024x600 and LED light, with touchpad that was supportive multi-touch. You will find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ExpressCard, card reader 4-in-1 and webcam 1.3MP.

IdeaPad S10 will be present at China on September 5 and following arrived in America at the beginning of October. For other countries, the version 9 also was in the development stage.

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