Toshiba Laptop with HD DVD

The DVD format the future was divided into two genres, HD DVD and Blu Ray. As the supporter of the HD DVD format, Toshiba attached HD DVD driver in their newest laptop. The HD DVD format was believed in offered the quality of the better picture, because his resolution was higher. HD DVD driver will be in laptop Toshiba Qosmio the newest series.

Although being not yet marketed, this product has emerged in the exhibition site of information technology in Hanover, Germany, CeBIT. The price laptop this revolved between 2,500 euro and 3,000 euro (1 euro = Rp 11,045. The source: Will be "marketed globally in several this coming Sunday," said Oscar Koenders, computer Marketing Manager Toshiba for the European region, as being launched by Reuters.

The computer was the other weapon for the spreading of the DVD format the future, where having two fortifications that carried his format was their respective. Apart from Toshiba, the HD DVD format was also supported by NEC. While the format of Blu Ray Sony was supported by several names that is Samsung, Philips, and Panasonic.

The two formats offered the storage capacity that was bigger than the DVD format at this time. The format of DVD Blu Ray will be sold more expensive, two or three fold times compared to HD DVD. Samsung were planned dismissed DVD driver Blu Ray in May.

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