Aspire One; New UMPC King!

Aura the competition sub notebook (netbook) now increasingly was felt, moreover with the attendance of various series netbook the work vendors notebook famous. It seems almost all the manufacturers who were active in the business notebook also took the interior trend sub notebook. Was like this his matter with the step that was taken by Acer, the manufacturer notebook that resided in Taiwan this did not want to lose to his competitors. This was proven by Acer by releasing Aspire One.

The screen measuring 8,9 inch it seems has become the publics regulation for almost all netbook. Moreover Aspire One was reinforced with the processor of atomic Intel N270 had a speed of 1.6 GHz and the memory of DDR2 SDRAM had a capacity of 512 MB. Acer provided two choices of the operation system, that is Windows XP and Linux. The rule is, if using XP, then the media kept that was used was harddisk 80 of GB. Meanwhile if using Linux, then the media kept that was compatible was SSD 8 GB.

Aspire One was supplemented with Ethernet facilities, 802,11 b/g, three USB plugs 2,0 and did not miss VGA to put forward the picture of the good quality. Unfortunately the series of the graphic card that was used was not explained specifically. Netbook from Acer this could be received with pretty colors, like black, red and pink. However for the moment only was available two colors, white and blue. The device weighed approximately 1 kg this would priced with the range $600.

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