HP Mininote 2133; How Great!

From the shape, we could see how serious is the HP work on first netbook. With the aluminum material, Mininote 2133 was seen so firm at the same time the style. Need time to prove whether physical indeed was as strong display, but when being tried by us treated was somewhat rough, was proven the permanent scratch in his surface did not happen.

If seeing the measurement keyboard him, came back we could see seriousness of HP. With the measurement keyboard this was almost same (to be precise 92%) if compared to the measurement keyboard notebook the standard, each switch was felt the area in fact for you that big fingers.

We also found each switch being felt soft when being pressed, so as to be wrong crushed was the very rare matter happened in netbook this. Might be counted, Mininote 2133 was netbook most comfortable was used to type. The only one that was rather strange was the position of the clique's left and right switch that pressed touchpad, that apparently as a result of the shortage of the place on the side low touchpad.

From the side of facilities, Mininote 2133 also appeared special owing to the existence slot the Express Card expansion. These expansion facilities were not available in netbook other, and could become the important factor for you who wanted to increase additional facilities like the Tuner TV or the cellular modem.

The other connector that was available in netbook this was USB (2) and card reader was based on the PRIMARY SCHOOL. However facilities were most special from netbook this was his screen resolution that reached 1280x600 pixel. In netbook other, his resolution was limited in the figure 1024x600 pixel.

The resolution was higher meant the area of the wider look, and this became the special surplus when browsing in the internet or saw the photograph. However must be recorded by the resolution be as high as that in the measurement screen 8,9” made the text be seen small, that possibly became the problem for the eyes that have grown old.

Unfortunately HP chose to use the processor of VIA C7M 1,2GHz. From results of the testing was seen, clear was seen this processor had the performance under Atom Intelligence or even Celeron.

Moreover netbook this used the operation system of Windows Vista (Basic Edition) that was famous heavy that. To type, browsing the internet, or turned the film from Youtube, Mininote 2133 could carry him out easily. However when we opened many windows, the limitations of VIA C7M to was felt.


In design, the HP Mininote plan 2133 almost perfect. The display was good, comfortable when used, and was supported with complete facilities. His weight a little difficult compared to his competitor, but we the feeling not many that objected to bringing the device was substantial 1,28kg.

That more ought to be recorded was the limitations beside the processor that made him could not be used for the application multitasking. However if you not including the user of the application of the difficult class, Mininote 2133 was the appropriate choice was glanced at.

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Anonymous said...

i have been searching for the right netbook for me, and this hits many things that people shun on first look at the via chip. this hp is the only one with these features so far, which will put perspective on the quality of the mini-note

additionally to what you mentioned:

1. higher resolution, all others are stuck at 1024x600, while this is 1280x768, enabling many programs to work properly (ex. brittanica) and web pages.

2. 32 bit color screen - so many people dont even pay attention to this. the msi wind is 24-bit, and the eeepc & acer aspire one is 16-bit. that means performance on those lower bit netbooks will be higher (unfair benchmark) and also only this hp will truly see the colors on your vids and photos. not to mention if you want to edit photos and what not.

3. motion sensoring drive guard - auto shutdown your hard-drive when it senses abrupt jarring

that 32bit color depth is a kicker for me. anything less is actually worthless.

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