Samsung Laptop Battery Trickling

Trickled battery in one laptop not only on laptop LG. Battery in laptop Samsung it was reported also slavishly trickled. The Samsung Electronics side justified this incident. South Korean firefighters said, this incident took place last Sunday.

This problematic battery began to issue the smoke after laptop was used for approximately 3.5 hours that were placed on the pillow. Further, the battery was burnt and devoured the mattress as well as seldom crept into the floor. However, said these firefighters, this matter his profit did not cause the occurrence of a big fire.

The Samsung side decisive that laptop unlucky this was the type P10 that was produced during 2002. Unfortunately, they only gave short information and did not give the explanation of details of the matter who the producer of this battery. "At this time we were carrying out matter investigation" of "this accident," said the spokesperson Samsung James Chung, that was from engadget

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