Lenovo, Thinkpad, dan Blog?

Lenovo very enthusiastic in welcoming series of their newest product. This was proven through the attendance of Matt Ko- Hut, Worldwide Competitive Analyst Lenovo in Jakarta. He explained features supreme from each newest Lenovo series rank opposite the media, on Monday afternoon.

Like that was reported beforehand, in the past two months Lenovo was seen aggressive in dismissing the newest rank laptop they, from Thinkpad SL, the series netbook Ideapad, the U series (U110, U330), the Y Series (Y330, Y430), laptop Thinkpad ultra thin X300 and X301. Matt Ko- Hut in the discussions opportunity with the colleague of the speaking media many concerning features interesting in the rank notebook.

Except the Ideapad series, all the rank laptop newest from Lenovo has been provided a basis for by the Montevina platform as well as was equipped by the memory DDR3. Montevina, Platform from Intel consisted of three parts, Mobile Intel 4 Express series chipset, the processor core 2 duo 45nm, as well as wireless the module. The Thinkpad series was also drafted especially used firm materials, comfortable was used as well as relative colder. An amount feature unique like Switchable Graphics, and VeriFace to feature that distinguished Lenovo was different from the rank laptop other.

Blog and Lenovo
Matt Ko- Hut personally were a person of Worldwide Competitive Analyst Lenovo. Apart from carrying out the task of carrying out the edication against Lenovo products, he also wrote blog in Inside The Box (http://lenovoblogs.com/insidethebox). In blog this he often explained the idea, the opinion, as well as occasionally newest secrets about Lenovo.

In the meeting gap with the media, Matt Ko- Hut explained how enthusiastic is him against the media blog in distributing information about Lenovo to the customer. He added although Inside The Box including inside corporate blog, but Lenovo gave the freedom for the writers to give the opinion that was fair against Lenovo and the development of information technology generally.

According to him apart from being useful, blog could become the medium that was exact to encompass feedback from user. From his experience he received many suggestions, the complaint, to ideas feature that could he brought to the research part and the development to be processed further.

Source: Press Conference Lenovo
Author: Patrick Gerard van Diest

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