RAM 4GB Laptop, Standard in 2008

Several Of of the producer's companies laptop main like Dell, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Toshiba planned to dismiss laptops with the memory 4GB began the first quarter 2008. According to the producers DRAM, this will carry the positive impact for the market DRAM.

The specification of the public to laptop in the market at this time was 1GB. The selling price for the module - the module DRAM 1GB descended through to $16 on the end of December whereas the price for the module 2GB was suspected of descending lower than $60 in the first quarter 2008. Was based on this scenario, the price that was used for RAM as big as 4GB only contribute less than 6% from laptop that was sold with the price $1000. This was far more lower was compared from before that usually uses 10% selling price laptop to DRAM.

With the price of the module DRAM 2GB that was as low as this, most vendor will not object to adopting this specification. One laptop 4GB will need 32 DRAM chip that each have a capacity 1Gb was compared eight chip to laptop 1GB. With the request that came when being launched by him laptop - laptop just this, the market DRAM the possibility will not see the supply surplus that was abundant in 2008 as in the case of in 2007.

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