CLARiiON CX4, the Middle Class EMC Storage System

CLARiiON CX4, the Storage System EMC the Middle Class. EMC Corporation, the leader of the solution to infrastructure information, today introduces EMC CLARiiON CX4 the newest Series that was the storage system of the middle class.

The series of CLARiiON CX4 was the newest generation from the leader's family of the market CLARiiON for the network storage system, whichever was gotten by more than 300,000 integrated systems and was gotten by the storage of the middle class compared measured in the Five availability 9, that is 99,999 percent older.

With the development of the data approximately 60 percent each year and the organizer of information technology faced the growth of the energy cost and the increasingly minimal budget, CLARiiON CX4 the newest series had the new expertise multi built-in that was ideal for the user's environment virtual, including the infrastructure VMware, used energy fewer, the utilization storage that improved, the implementation and the management and protected the whole of storage investment.

CLARiiON CX4 had the achievement twice was better, the capacity twice was bigger, the memory twice was bigger and a row LUNs (logical the unit numbers) from the generation beforehand, so as enabled to support multi the main application to one composition of CLARiiON CX4.

Besides this, CX4 have the ability to support dual-protocol Fiber Channel and the connection iSCSI storage the area network (SAN) with the online development, the typical unique characteristics were offered to the market.

CX4 also was talked about as the only provider of the storage of the middle class in the market to support solid state disks (SSDs), with the speed 30 fold times were faster compared with drive traditional, gave response time in sub-milidetik and used energy 98 percent more efficient in the basis IOPs (the Operation of Input/Output per the second).

The series of CLARiiON CX4 consisted of four models, that were supported by the management and software replicate CLARiiON including EMC Navisphere Management Suite, EMC MirrorView, EMC SnapView, EMC San Copy and other software. These newest models in part CLARiiON CX4-120, CLARiiON CX4-240, CLARiiON CX4-480, dan CLARiiON CX4-960.

The "series of CLARiiON CX4 could not be compared in the industry to scalability, fitur, energy efficiency and the ease" of the "use." With the newest generation system, we extended our technological leadership but also developed the competitive gap to the point that more again far, said President EMC Division Storage David Donatelli, in the EMC press release, on Thursday (21/8/2008).

In the meantime, Country Manager EMC for Indonesia Ivan Tjahjadi said the series of EMC Clariiion CX4 that just could increase the technical capacity the company to help the customer in the middle scale company and protected their technological investment with fitur-fitur that usually is met in the system high-end.

The "EMC aim was to provide the solution for the customer in Indonesia by giving the better achievement system, the availability, and at the same moment saved consumption" of "energy as well as operational fees," he stated.

The series of CLARiiON CX4 was available all over the world from EMC, from Velocity the Partners Program and Velocity Authorized Services Network (ASN) Partners. This series was also offered by Dell under the make of Dell/EMC and Fujitsu Siemens Computers under the make FibreCat.

The capacity flash drive and virtual provisioning will be ready in October 2008. Drive spin-down has been available in EMC Disk Library today, the application of the addition for the need of the other public to continue to be supported because of entering the qualification in 2009.

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