Cheap Laptop sped up the Internet Penetration

The user of the internet in Indonesia just reached 27 million. However from this figure just 2.7 million that was claimed as the customer. Many hindrances that must be straightened out, especially the availability of equipment that still was expensive. "From the side of the tariff broadband in Indonesia was equal to European countries."

However the main hindrance was to approach the community's purchasing power. One of them was the provisions of equipment that was cheap like PC and the data card, said the Managing Director Indosat Mega Media (IM2) Indar Atmanto ended the appointment of the counter IM2 broadband in the Semanggi Plaza, Jakarta.

The two equipment, continued dodged, could push the increase broadband for the segment of the individual, that still had the quite wide market.

Indar's prediction, this 2008, the internet market broadband will grow approximately 500,000 more. From this figure, his approximately 200,000 will become the target IM2. At this time the user of the internet broadband IM2 just reached 36,000 customers. This target will be gained with the support laptop cheap that at this time the luster circulated.

Moreover was supported also with the program IM2 like the provisions of access of the individual internet only with US$1, the procurement of the internet program hybrid that enabled the customer to arrange the use of internet access simultaneously, both postpaid and prepaid, and the provisions of the safe and free internet pornography content or the violence by the name of NetSave

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